Mashgiach Cleaning Greens

Zak The Baker is currently certified under two hashgachas as it transitions from Chai Kosher to Miami Dade Kosher. Both hashgachas are overseen by Rabbi Spitz, 786-318-4118.

Chai Kosher Certificate can viewed here kosher certificate (PDF).

Miami Dade Kosher Certificate can be viewed here ZTB Kosher Certificate 2023 (PDF)

  • BREAD is Parvae, Pas Yisrael, Non Yoshon, with hafrashat challah taken on each batch.
  • PASTRY is Dairy, Non-Cholov Yisrael, with some non-dairy products made in dairy equipment (DE).
  • CAFE is Dairy, Non-Cholov Yisrael
  • We have a mashgiach on staff 6 days/week.
  • All fresh greens are washed and inspected by our mashgiachs.
  • All burners and flames are turned on by our mashgiachs.
  • All new plates/utensils/cooking equipment are toiveled in mikvah by our mashgiachs.
  • All ingredients are inspected for proper kosher certification by our mashgiachs.
  • Bakery/Cafe is closed every Saturday & all Jewish holidays
  • Zak The Baker has been continuously certified kosher since 2014.

If you have any questions regarding our kosher status, please feel free to visit and speak to  our mashgiach, or call Rabbi Spitz, the supervising Rabbi of our hashgachas, 786-318-4118.