Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where is the BAKERY located? The Bakery is located at 295 NW 26th St, Miami Florida. You can reach the Bakery at 786.294.0876.

2) Where is the DELI located? The Deli is located at 405 NW 26th St, Miami Florida. You can reach the Deli at 786.294.0876

3) What are the BAKERY hours? The Bakery hours are 7am – 7pm, open everyday except Saturday.

4) What are the DELI hours? The Deli is open for lunch Mon-Fri 10am -3pm, Sun Brunch 9am-5pm, Closed Saturdays.

5) Is the BAKERY kosherYes, the Bakery is certified kosher.  The bread is parve/pas yisrael, and our pastries are all dairy/ NON CHOLOV YISRAEL under OK Kosher supervision. The coffee house in the bakery is not under the OK supervision but is certified by Dade Kosher.

6) Is the DELI kosher? Yes, the Deli is certified Glatt Kosher under OK Kosher supervision.

7) Do you make gluten free bread? Not currently, but we do offer some flour-less pastry options.

8) Are your breads sourdough? Yes, all of our breads are sourdough except our challah, meaning they are made with natural leaven instead of commercial yeast.

9) Do you make challah? Yes, we make challah every Friday, it comes out of the oven at NOON. You can pre-order your challah at info@zakthebaker.com or by calling 786-294-0876.

10) Does the Deli take reservations? No, first come first serve.

11) Does the Deli do catering? Yes, CLICK HERE for the current menu. For more details you can e-mail info@zakthebaker.com or call 786-294-0876

12) What is the contact information for Zak The Baker? The main line of contact for Zak The Baker is 786-294-0876 by phone and info@zakthebaker.com by e-mail.


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