Q) What is the order cut off time for same day delivery?
A) 10am

Q) What happens If I place my order after 10am?
A) It will delivered the next day.

Q) What areas do you deliver to?
A) South Beach, Miami Beach, Surfside, Aventura, North Miami Beach

Q) Are you planning on expanding your delivery range?
A) Yes. We’re working on it. Until then, you can place a pick up order here https://zak-the-baker.square.site/

Q) What time should I expect to receive my order?
A) Our delivery window is currently 2pm-7pm.

Q) What should I do if something is missing from my order?
A) Please let us know at delivery@zakthebaker.com


Q) How do I pick up my order?
A) You will receive an e-mail or text once your order is ready for pick up. Your order will be available for pick up at the south side window of the bakery.

Q) Can I place an order at the window of the bakery?
A) No, we are only taking orders through our website.

Q) Can I place a pick up order for a future date?
A) Yes. You can specify when you would like to pick up your order at check out.

Q) Can I place a pick up order for challah?
A) Yes, but all orders with challah will only be fulfilled on Fridays.

Q) What do I do If there was a mistake on my pick up order?
A) You can let us know at the window, by e-mail orders@zakthebaker.com, or by phone 786-413-0632.

FAQ – Kosher

Zak The Baker is Certified Kosher under the Chai K. View our kosher certificate (PDF).

  • BREAD is Parvae, Pas Yisrael, Non Yoshon, with hafrashat challah taken on each batch.
  • PASTRY is Dairy, Non-Cholov Yisrael, with some non-dairy products made in dairy equipment.
  • CAFE items are Dairy Non-Cholov Yisrael, however many of the ingredients used in the cafe are Cholov Israel.
  • We have two mashgiach’s on staff 6 days/week
  • All fresh greens are washed and inspected by our mashgiachs
  • All burners and flames are turned on by our mashgiachs
  • All new plates/utensils/cooking equipment are toiveled in mikvah by our mashgiachs.
  • All ingredients are inspected for proper kosher certification by our mashgiachs.
  • Bakery/Cafe is closed Saturdays & all Jewish holidays
  • Zak The Baker has been continuously certified kosher since 2014.

If you have any questions regarding our kosher status, please feel free to visit and speak to one of our mashgiachs.